Human Geography 1


Bio-OS Data Input: sensor strap

The Bio-OS strap is a modification based on the Polar Wireless ECG System. In addition to its existing electrodes, on the reverse side of the strap, which detect heart rate, it has been customised with temperature and Galvanic Skin Response sensors and a stretch sensor, which measures breathing through the level of chest expansion. The transmitter on the strap sends the heart rate signal to the ‘Bio-OS Data Input’ sensor harvesting unit wirelessly, whilst the other sensors transmit through a cable to the unit.


1. Sensor Strap: The electrode areas on the reverse side of the strap detect heart rate. The transmitter sends the heart rate signal to the prototype unit. Sensor daughter board (temperature – Galvanic Skin Response). Stretch (Breathing) sensor.  2. Data / Power CablesData cable. Identified by BLUE dot.Power cable. Identified by RED dot.

3. Prototype unit Power On / Off switch.USB connector.Data / Power cable connectors.

4. USB LeadUSB to mini USB

5. 3G Android PhoneAndroid 1.5 or greater3G communicationGPS